Driving Guide, Eh? What’s the Big Idea?

About Us, The Driving Guiders

Welcome to the “About Us” page of Driving Guide. We’re not exactly sure what you want to know about us, but all the other cool kids have a page like this one on their sites and being as intimidated by peer pressure as the next web nerds…

Driving Guide is the product of a father and son team who love to drive, and it’s not our first rodeo. We’ve been in the online driving game for a while, predominately focused on driver safety courses. Depending on where you live, you might know these courses as defensive driving or traffic school and they’re mostly used for ticket dismissal. Did I say that we sometimes like to drive fast? Operating under the adage “Do what you know,” we wanted to help fellow ticket-getters get out of their tickets in as pain-free a way as possible.

Our efforts started in in our home state of Texas and, in recent years, we have expanded our attention nationwide. Apparently, people across the country leave late for work.

But Not Everyone’s a Speeder

As we looked at the numbers, we figured that one out. Law enforcement officials in Texas write approximately 750,000 moving violations a year, but there are over 25,000,000 Texans. That means that we were only positioned to help about 3% of the population at best, and there are a lot of players fighting over that sliver of pie.

Our look at the statistics caused us to ask questions about the other 97% of drivers and what we could do to help them. We started by looking at ourselves and our relationship with driving. We knew we loved to drive and figured that others must also, but what does that even mean? If you love to drive, is it because you:

We also realized there are about a zillion other ways that people interact with vehicles and the driving environment, for instance:

Are You “Some” of Them? Then Driving Guide is for You!

Whether you are in a love/hate relationship with your car or commute, need a little help keeping your car going (or legal), love driving adventures or hearing tales of other’s driving misadventures, we’re working hard to be your one-stop shop for all of those. If you have a question or curiosity about anything cars or driving, we want to have the answers for you. Thanks for your visit and be sure to come back soon as we aren’t finished yet. We have a lot we still need to say if we want to be the final word in all things driving.