GoToTrafficSchool: The Smart Choice for Alabama Traffic School

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: October 5, 2023

Have an Alabama traffic ticket you’re needing to get dismissed? Look no further than GoToTrafficSchool. Since 1999, GoToTrafficSchool has been a trusted expert in the field of online traffic school. They offer convenient and affordable courses tailored to meet your specific needs. Enrolling is a breeze with their streamlined three-step process.

Take alabama online traffic school with gototrafficschool on any device

An Interactive Course for Effortless Learning

GoToTrafficSchool’s online course is designed to be easily understandable and user-friendly, without requiring any additional software. It offers an interactive learning experience, engaging you throughout the process. You can comfortably complete the course from the comfort of home. Experience seamless navigation, speed, and 24/7 accessibility.

Mobile-Friendly Courses for Learning on Any Device

The courses offered by GoToTrafficSchool are optimized for mobile devices, combining various multimedia elements such as animated videos, audio clips, 3D driving simulations, and informative text lessons. Whether you choose to use a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can get the course done fast. You can even switch from device to device!

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Friendly and Responsive Customer Support Available 24/7

GoToTrafficSchool makes your satisfaction #1 by offering friendly and round-the-clock customer support.  Their dedicated customer service team is readily available to provide you prompt assistance and guidance before, during, and after your course.

Your Completion Certificate is Good for More than Just the Court

Enrolling in GoToTrafficSchool’s Alabama course can help you reduce your insurance rates and remove points from your driving record. GoToTrafficSchool takes pride in issuing official completion certificates that are widely recognized and accepted by the Alabama Department of Public Safety and other DMV-accredited authorities.

Successfully completing the course might save you some money on your car insurance. Most insurance companies offer some sort of safe driver discount. For further details, check with your agent. If your company doesn’t offer a deal, take your certificate (and your business) to a new one!

Let GoToTrafficSchool Help Get Your Ticket Behind You offers one of the best and most convenient online traffic school programs available on the internet. With its user-friendly interface, you can get through your course (and your ticket behind you) quickly and easily. Experience the convenience and affordability of GoToTrafficSchool’s Alabama online traffic school. Stop shopping and get going today!

The longer you wait, the longer 'til it's over...

Before mashing that button, make sure you’re dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. We would hate to see you have to do traffic school twice!

Take alabama online traffic school with gototrafficschool on any device

A Great Choice for Alabama Traffic School!

To dismiss an Alabama traffic ticket with a traffic school course, you can follow these general steps.

  1. Check eligibility: Confirm that your traffic violation is eligible for dismissal through a traffic school course. Certain offenses may be excluded or have specific requirements.
  2. Gather information: Collect all the necessary information related to your ticket, such as the citation number, court contact information, and the deadline to respond or pay the fine.
  3. Enroll in a traffic school course: Research and enroll in a state-approved traffic school course in Alabama. Ensure that the course is accepted by the court in the jurisdiction where your ticket was issued.
  4. Complete the course: Follow the instructions provided by the traffic school to complete the required coursework. This may involve attending classes in person, completing an online course, or a combination of both. Make sure to fulfill all the course requirements within the given timeframe.
  5. Obtain completion certificate: Once you finish the traffic school course, obtain a completion certificate. The certificate should include your name, the course completion date, and any other information required by the court.
  6. Submit the certificate to the court: Deliver the completion certificate to the appropriate court before the deadline specified on your ticket. This may involve mailing the certificate, submitting it in person, or following any other designated submission process outlined by the court.
  7. Pay any applicable fees: Along with submitting the completion certificate, you may need to pay any fines or fees associated with your traffic ticket. Ensure that you adhere to the court’s instructions regarding payment methods and deadlines.
  8. Await confirmation: After submitting the completion certificate and any required fees, wait for confirmation from the court that your ticket has been dismissed. This confirmation may be provided through mail, email, or another designated method of communication.
  9. Tap into Insurance Savings Benefits: Most insurance companies provide discounts to those who complete a driver safety course with distinction. Get in touch with your agent to investigate if your certificate lets you pocket some savings.

Remember, these steps are a general guideline, and it’s crucial to consult the court or legal authority handling your case for specific instructions and requirements. Traffic laws and procedures can vary, so it’s important to obtain accurate and up-to-date information to successfully dismiss your Alabama traffic ticket through a traffic school course.

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