Avoid Shaking Knees in the Showroom

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

You’ve seen it before. You know what we’re talking about. It makes you gut-wrenchingly nervous, but in you wander to the dealership showroom, feeling the call of the wild, only to find:

A slick, suited, unnaturally white-toothed salesman with impeccably clipped nails who shakes your hand unnecessarily firmly.

A marble floor and polished metal cars that turn the show-lights into floodlights and blind you to the ridiculous numbers on the stickers on the windshields.

A feeling of dread and excitement behind the wheel of the latest, greatest this year’s model sports car that’s up on risers but waiting to be driven right out of the showroom’s glass box by you, complete with theme music and explosions.

Then… that look of shock and slight nausea on your spouse’s face when you appear in the driveway in the hot seat of your new impulse buy. It was nerves, you explain, while your spouse arm-crosses and foot-taps with one arched eyebrow.

It’s ugly, and we don’t want it to happen to you. However, there is a way to avoid showroom nerves that all too often lead to being pressured into buying a car that’s not best for you or your budget.

We can help you prepare to look at cars in a dealership showroom and avoid nerves, pushy salesmen, and lousy deals. Here’s how!

Before Entering the Showroom

As with any great anxiety, knowing what you’re going to face before you face it and having a plan is key to avoiding nerves and undue pressure. Before you ever step foot on the sales floor:

WARNING: We can’t say it enough, so we’re going to say it again: Your budget should include ALL of the costs of purchasing a new car, not just the sticker price on the car!

While You’re in the Showroom

You’ve already done your research, which should seriously cut down on showroom nerves. You’ll already know cars you want to see and what you’re willing to pay for them. However, there is still more to do in the showroom, including:

Post Showroom

Remember, you haven’t bought the car until you’ve completed all the paperwork. Once you’ve found the right car for the right price at the right dealership:

You likely will NOT need these offers, and you will likely be charged too much for them without your knowledge or consent!

There you have it! If you prepare ahead of time, you can get the best deal on the best car for you on YOUR terms and avoid showroom nerves!


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