For many people, the thought of defensive driving never crosses their mind, until they get a ticket. While defensive driving will certainly help with that citation, there are good reasons to take the course ticket or not.

Defensive Driving in Texas

Texas drivers take defensive driving for several reasons. A completed defensive driving course may allow a driver to:

  • Have a traffic ticket dismissed
  • Avoid the addition of points to a driving record
  • Reduce insurance premiums via a safe driver discount

Ticket Dismissal in Texas

All courts in Texas provide drivers the opportunity to dismiss a traffic ticket with the completion of a defensive driving course. To qualify, the following conditions must be met:

  • The citation cannot have been received while driving a commercial vehicle
  • Defensive driving cannot have been completed for ticket dismissal in the last 12 months
  • The driver must hold a valid Texas drivers license

Additionally, the ticket cannot have been issued for:

  • Speeding 25 MPH or more over the posted speed limit
  • Driving at a speed of 95 MPH or greater
  • Passing a school bus with lights flashing
  • Failure to render aid
  • Work zone violations when workers are present

When a ticket is dismissed, the points associated with that ticket will not appear on a driver’s record. Keeping point totals low is important as driving record points are the number one consideration for insurance companies as they calculate premium rates. Further, the accumulation of excessive points can lead to license suspension.

Insurance Savings with Texas Defensive Driving

When it comes to insurance savings, Texas drivers have a benefit that is not enjoyed by drivers in any other state. In Texas, you can take a defensive driving course voluntarily to lower your insurance premiums or, if you have a ticket, your completion certificate can be used at the court AND your insurance provider.

Since the insurance savings will likely pay for the cost of a course many times over, getting a ticket may actually make you money. Contact your insurance provider to see if they offer a safe driver discount and what you will have to do to qualify for it.

Taking Defensive Driving Texas Online

Drivers in Texas have the option of completing a driver safety course in a classroom or online. More and more drivers are selecting the online method because it works so much better with their busy schedules.

A defensive driving course in Texas will cover the following topics:

  • Texas driving law
  • Safe driving techniques
  • Sharing the road
  • Driving in conditions such as heavy traffic and bad weather
  • Dangers, consequences and violations resulting from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

You’ll be required to pass the test covering this information to receive credit for your course. You will then be presented with a certificate of course completion to be submitted to the court and/or your insurance provider.

For years, courts would only accept certificates from defensive driving providers that were TEA approved. Now, courses are approved by the Texas Dept of Licensing and Regulation. You can sign up today with Defensive Driving (TDLR CP280) knowing they are fully approved for all courts in Texas!