Whether you call it defensive driving, driver safety or a driver improvement course, no one thinks of traffic school until they get a ticket.  Traffic school is certainly a big help if you have received a ticket, but there are some good reasons to enroll in a traffic school course even if you haven’t.

Alabama Traffic School

For most minor traffic violations, traffic courts in Alabama may allow you to dismiss that ticket by completing a traffic school course.

These decisions are made on a case by case basis, depending on the nature of your violation and your previous driving history.  If the court does grant permission, you will be given information as to how the process works including:

  • The type of course you will need to take
  • The date by which that course must be completed
  • If there is any other necessary documentation or fees that you may need to pay

Avoid Points with Alabama Defensive Driving

After a traffic violation conviction, the Alabama DPS will add points to your driving record. While having the ticket dismissed will prevent any points from being added to your record, existing points cannot be eliminated.

Points remaining on your driving record will not be counted against you after two years. However, accruing enough points during a certain.  Will lead to the suspension of your license.

Insurance Savings With Alabama Traffic School

Driving record points don’t only put your license at risk, they’re probably costing you money now. Driving record points are the number one consideration of insurance companies when they calculate your premium rate. You may be able to overcome this increase by voluntarily taking a defensive driving course.

Many insurance providers will reward policyholders with premium discounts for taking a traffic school course. Contact your agent about the availability of this program and how you might qualify to take advantage of it.

How Alabama Traffic School Works

No matter if you’re taking traffic school for ticket dismissal or insurance savings, the curriculum will be the same. Your course will touch on topics such as:

  • Alabama traffic law
  • Safe driving techniques
  • How to avoid an accident
  • How to handle an emergency
  • How to share the road safely with others

At the end of the course, you will be required to pass the test over the presented material to be all awarded a certificate of completion. This certificate of completion can then be submitted to your court or insurance company so you may enjoy the benefits offered by traffic school.

In most instances, a traffic school course can be completed in a classroom or online. These days, the online course is becoming the course of choice.  Because you can take an online course anywhere and at any time, it is a real advantaged over taking a class that requires you to complete the course at a particular time and to be in that class for several hours.

Whether online or in the classroom, it is important that your class be approved by the AL courts. For help in finding one of these classes, please consult our list of Alabama traffic school providers.