There are a number of reasons why California drivers may choose to take traffic school. No matter the reason, you'll walk away from the course a safer and more confident driver with a refreshed understanding of defensive driving techniques and California traffic laws.

So Why Take California Traffic School?

A traffic school course can help California drivers in at least one of the following ways:

  • To dismiss a traffic ticket
  • To avoid having points added to their driving record
  • To keep auto insurance premiums from going up

Available both online or in a classroom, your eligibility to enroll in a traffic school course depends on your reason for taking it and your specific circumstances.

Dismiss a Ticket with Traffic School California

You may be able to enjoy the benefit of CA traffic school ticket dismissal as long as:

  • You currently hold a valid driver's license
  • The violation wasn't received in a commercial vehicle
  • You have not dismissed a ticket by completing a traffic school course in the last 18 months.
  • The citation was not a misdemeanor
  • Alcohol was not involved

Your traffic court will ultimately decide whether you are eligible for the traffic school option. You will typically receive a courtesy notice informing you of your eligibility. If you don't receive notification, contact your court directly to see if you can take traffic school.

If the court has approved a driver safety course for you, you will also receive information regarding the time by which your course must be completed and how to submit your completion certificate after you've gotten it.

Before enrolling in a traffic school, always verify your eligibility with the court. For help in finding a course, consult our list of CA DMV approved traffic schools.

After the dismissal process is complete, the citation will not appear on your driving record. Keeping your driving record clean is important as added points mean added dollars going to your insurance company. What's more, accumulate enough points, and you will be in jeopardy of losing your license by suspension.

California Traffic School Can Save You Money

California drivers who take traffic school voluntarily may receive a premium discount from their car insurance provider. These discounts are usually aimed at younger and older drivers, drivers of all ages may qualify, depending on your insurance company. Contact your auto insurance company for more details.

What Does Traffic School California Cover?

Traffic school is a state-mandated six hours in length and will cover topics including:

  • Driving defensively
  • California traffic laws and rules of the road
  • Tips and techniques to help you become a safer, more responsible motorist

Completion of the course will require passing some form of final exam, so pay attention. Once you have finished your traffic school course, you will receive a certificate of completion should then be submitted to the court or your insurance provider, depending on the reason you took the course.

Even if you aren't eligible for traffic ticket dismissal or insurance discount, taking traffic school can still be a worthwhile investment to improve both your driving knowledge and behavior, both good things to keep you and others safe on California roads and highways.