What is a Driver Prep Course?

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: July 6, 2021

Passing a written driving test is the first step to becoming a licensed driver and not something necessarily easy for many teens and young adults to do. There is so much information to be absorbed and remembered that it only makes sense to seek a bit of added help when you are trying to make it through the permit test. That’s the purpose of a Driver Prep Course.

What a Driver Prep Course Does

In a nutshell, a Driver Prep Course is designed to walk you through all of the information contained in the state driver handbook to prepare you to pass the written exam. Whether sitting in a classroom environment or taking the course online, you’ll receive the benefit of coaching from an experienced instructor who will use training techniques designed to make you successful on the exam. Regarding what they offer, these courses are surprisingly affordable and can bring real peace of mind.

Practice Tests

One of the major benefits provided by a Driver Prep Course is exposure to multiple practice tests. These practice tests often contain questions drawn from actual permit exams so that you can get an idea of exactly the kind of information will be asked about on the state test. Working through these practice tests is a pressure free way to get an accurate idea of your strengths and weaknesses and will help focus your preparation efforts.

What the Course Covers

A Driver Prep Course will cover a wide variety of topics, the most common of which are listed below.

Night Driving – Good information and strategies to deal with the challenges and extra risks associated with driving at night.

Rules for Intersections – 1/3 of all accidents occur at intersections, so it is important to know how to negotiate one properly.

Emergency Vehicles – How to safely and effectively share the road with first responders.

Hand Signals – If your turn signals ever break, it’s still important for you to be able to communicate with the other drivers around you. That’s why the course goes over hand signals and how to use them while in a motor vehicle.

Drinking and Driving – Drinking and driving is a huge risk and the class will cover the dangers and possible consequences of doing so in detail.

Road Markings – Lines painted on the roadway come in differing styles and colors. What are the differences in their meaning?  

Traffic Signs and Signals – There may be more questions on the permit exam dedicated to road signs and their meanings than to any other subject. As knowledge of road signs is not only key to passing the test but to successful driving in general, the class will go over this information extensively.

While you don’t need to go through a Driver Prep Course in order to get ready for a written test, doing so certainly helps out. You’ll feel more confident going in and have a better chance of passing as well.