How to Avoid Construction Zones

There’s nothing worse than hitting a slow construction zone on your way to work. You’ll get slowed down and maybe even be late if you didn’t leave early enough. Not only that, but you have to deal with jamming through tight sections of road, and other possible issues while with guys working in orange vests everywhere you look. Your best bet is to avoid construction zones entirely. Here are tips to help you do just that. Read through them, modify your driving behavior and reap the rewards.

Steer Clear of Main Roads

One of the best ways to avoid construction is to avoid major roadways. These are the places that are maintained most frequently and give you the highest chance of hitting construction. Take the back way to work instead and you’ll more than likely go right around any possible construction on your way there.

Government Resources

There are often government resources that can help you spot potential construction zones. There may be a local radio station, a website or another network of communication that you can use to determine where construction zones are going to be in your area. Look for these resources and check them before heading out of the house. Avoiding construction will begin to feel normal, and you might just forget what it feels like to go through a slow construction zone.

Google Maps and other similar navigation systems also offer protection against getting stuck in the snail's pace of road work. Since you probably know your way to work, it may seem odd to turn on navigation but if it helps you miss a slowdown, why not?   

Form Your Own Network

If you can’t find any government sites that report construction work and other traffic issues, you could form your own group to do just that. Create a local group using something like Facebook, and update the page if you run into construction. While it will be unfortunate for you that first day, you'll be helping others, and someday their inconvenience may help you. As the group expands, you’ll know about all the major construction before you hit it. If we're going to share the road, we might as well work together, right?

Drive Carefully

If you do happen to run into a patch of unavoidable construction, don’t fly through it. Instead follow the posted reduced speed limit signs. Construction work zones usually carry a double fine for speeding, with a higher number of points added to your driving record than a speeding ticket received elsewhere. Not only that, speeding puts construction workers at risk for injury. That’s why it makes sense to slow down a bit and be careful as you drive.

Leave Early

If you are worried about running into construction work, make sure that you leave a bit early to give yourself time to be on time anyway. Knowing what you're in for traffic wise will help you be more relaxed as you poke your way through it. Leaving a few minutes early every day will save you from getting to work stressed if you do happen to run into construction work, or an accident or some other delay and you'll still be on time.

Nobody wants to get stuck in construction work. It’s especially troubling if you are already running late. Leave a little early and use these tips to make yourself aware of what lies ahead on your commute. Sometimes work can be stressful enough on its own. No need to feel like you're having to play catch up all day long.