Is DriversEdToGo Legit?

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: August 6, 2023 is a large company with dozens of state approvals throughout the country. With a 20 year history and over a million satisfied customers, DriversEdToGo is more than legit; it’s awesome!

According to their website, they offer the classroom portion of drivers ed online to students in all 50 states. Other advantages of their courses include:

DriversEdToGo has also partnered with hundreds of high schools to allow students the opportunity to earn credits toward graduation while getting their license!

The site also provides information as to the effectiveness of online drivers ed courses. They effectively “bust” four myths associated with learning to drive online.

DriverEdToGo Reviews

Reviews for DriverEdToGo can be found on TrustPilot and TrustLink. No reviews could be found on Google Maps or Facebook. There are testimonials listed on their site, but they appear to be a bit more positive than those found on other sites.

As with any other good sold or service provided, you can find reviews for anything and DriverEdToGo is no exception.

If you type “DriverEdToGo Reviews” into your searchbar, you’ll get hundreds of opinions about the company from dozens and dozens of review sites. The two biggest sites had this to say:

Trust Link

Based on 25 reviews posted between June of 2011 and August of 2016, Trust Link rated DriverEdToGo at 3.5 out of 5 stars. Opinions ranged from—

Good course

Legit. Got certificate by mail after a week from completing the course. I’d recommend.

Adrian L.


BS On Line Course

My son took their online drivers ed course. On completion, he was told he would get his certificate soon. After 4 weeks and multiple calls, emails and live chat attempts…. They do not answer the phone, they do not return calls and they don’t send certificates.

Ia Y.

Trust Pilot

Based on 71 reviews posted between July of 2016 and July of 2015, Trust Pilot rated DriverEdToGo at 2.5 out of 5 stars. Opinions ranged from—

Awesome course

This was very a helpful course. I passed both written and driving test the first time.



Customer service horrible

Course is bland and not very helpful. Called customer service with issues concerning account and not only were they nearly impossible to reach, they were rude once I got a hold of someone.



It should come as no surprise that the reviews on the DriverEdToGo website paint the company in a little more favorable light. Based on 7 pages of reviews posted between April of 2014 and October of 2020, DriverEdToGo gave itself 4.7 out of 5 stars. Opinions ranged from—

I loved the games and videos in between. It really helped me because I am a visual learner.

Callahan R.


I would say it is pretty good. Some questions are a bit to easy though. Aside from that it was awesome.

Jemmel A.

Hmmmm…I guess it’s harder to say negative things about someone directly to their face.

Getting Back Into Your Course

If you have already begun your DriversEdToGo course, it’s easy to get back in.

Check to see if you received an email from DriverEdToGo that includes the link to log back into your course or click the login button below.