Ten Reasons to Not Risk Driving with a Suspended License

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

You should NEVER risk driving with a suspended license. If you do, the penalties are intense. In case you need encouragement, here are ten reasons to stay out from behind the wheel until your license is reinstated.

Reason #10: You will pay hefty fines for driving with a suspended license and much more if you’re a repeat offender.

Reason #9: You will have stricter requirements for reinstating your license, including higher reinstatement fees and/or proof of insurance requirements.

Reason #8: You may be required to complete community service hours. Don’t get us wrong. Doing community service is actually a benefit to everyone, including yourself, and we highly recommend it. However, we want you to do community service out of the goodness of your heart and to do something you’re passionate about and want to use to help others. We don’t want you to have to pick up trash on the side of a busy highway because the officer said you have to…

Reason #7: You’ll get negative points on your driving record that may increase your insurance premiums or make it difficult to get car loans, etc.

Reason #6: You’ll get time added to your license suspension.

Reason #5: You may be required to enroll in rehab or another alcohol or substance abuse recovery program, or defensive driving school. This is also a good thing, but again—we want your attendance at these schools to be voluntary so that you get the most out of them.

Reason #4: You may have your license canceled or revoked altogether.

Reason #3: Your insurance rates will go up—way, way up.

Reason #2: You may get charged with a felony, which has serious legal ramifications, including preventing you from running for office, voting, holding some business licenses, and owning weapons.

Reason #1: You may spend time in jail. Many states even sentence up to one year in prison! Not worth it for a quick ice cream run…

It’s never worth it! If your license has been suspended, do your time. Get a ride!