Georgia Drivers Ed

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: March 1, 2021

Georgia teens wanting to get a Georgia provisional drivers license will need to complete a drivers education course. This course will consist of both classroom and behind the wheel training. The classroom portion may be completed at a professional driving school or online.

Georgia Drivers Ed and Joshua’s Law

The Georgia legislature created Joshua’s Law to ensure that teenage drivers are properly prepared before getting behind the wheel. This law requires 16-year-olds to complete both a state-approved drivers ed course and 40 hours of practice driving (including six hours of night driving).

For drivers age 17 or older, the law doesn’t require the completion of drivers ed, but the practice driving requirement must still be fulfilled.

Eligibility Requirements for Drivers Ed Georgia

Before enrolling in drivers ed, a driving candidate must hold a Georgia driving permit. To qualify for the permit, the new driver must be at least 15 years old and will have to pass a written test.

There are several ways to prepare for a permit test, including:

Georgia permit practice tests will allow you to know exactly what is expected from you on your permit exam because practice tests feature questions taken from actual Department of Driver Services exams. It’s like knowing the answers before the test even begins!

New to Georgia?

If you have recently moved to Georgia in completed drivers ed in another state, you may not need to retake drivers ed. Contact the Georgia Department of Driver Services at (866) 754-3687 to ask about qualification details. If you are a military dependent or older, you may also contact the DDS for detailed information about transferring an out-of-state license or permit.

How Georgia Drivers Ed Works

Georgia drivers ed is delivered in two parts. To fulfill all requirements, a student must:

Nothing beats the convenience of an online defensive driving course, but it’s important that you select the right one. To meet all requirements, the course you select must be approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. To start your search for an online course, take a look at our list of Georgia DDS approved course providers.

Nothing beats the convenience of completing your Georgia DDS drivers ed course requirement online. With the ability to log in and out as often as you like, it makes it easy to fit the course into your busy schedule. Below is a list of online courses available, all approved by the Georgia DDS.

Website Name Phone Joshua’s Law by Improv 800-660-8908 Drivers Ed 888-651-2886 I Drive Safely 800-723-1955 Driver Ed To Go 866-749-4445 American Safety Council 800-732-4135 Awesome Driving School 844-423-7411 Safe Teen Driving Academy 706-507-5504 Just Driver Training 770-363-4857 Georgia Driving School 478-755-8888 Safe2Drive 800-863-1297 Driving Advantage 770-830-0045 Academy of Action 770-889-1023 National Driving and Traffic 510-848-5508 Alfa Driving School 770-650-7787


The classroom curriculum will cover topics such as:

Out Of Georgia Drivers Ed and Out Onto the Road

Once you have completed drivers ed you are ready to apply for your intermediate license. To do so, you must: