Will Your Car Insurance Cover Vandalism?

If you’ve recently suffered from vandalism, or you live in an area where vandalism is common, you’re probably wondering if there’s anything that your car insurance will do for you. The answer is... maybe.

Check for Coverage

The only way that you’ll be covered for vandalism is if your policy has what is known as comprehensive coverage. This insurance is designed to cover a broad range of accidents and different problems. It’s one of the more expensive types of insurance, but it’s useful for those unexpected problems such as vandalism. This kind of insurance will protect you against weather, animal collisions, theft problems and, of course, vandalism. It’s helpful to have on your policy and could save you money for the right instances.

Obtaining Comprehensive Insurance

Now that you know the benefits of comprehensive, you can consider getting it for your vehicle. Talk with your insurer to find out more about comprehensive coverage and what it’s going to cost to add onto your current policy. Also, make sure that you ask exactly will be covered after the addition. Some policies cover more than others, so it’s good to know what you are actually getting.

Submitting a Vandalism Claim

Submitting a vandalism claim is a pretty quick and easy process. Take photos of the damage and get contact information for any witnesses that saw the event take place. File an official police report and then relay all the information of the event to your insurance company. Be sure to protect your vehicle against further harm if there’s an obvious problem that could lead to additional damage. For instance, a broken window should be covered with plastic to keep rain out so that it doesn’t harm your upholstery.

After you give insurance all the information, you’ll have to wait for an expert at the company to go over the details and possibly to inspect your vehicle before you’ll receive any money to pay for repairs.

Lowering Your Insurance Premium

If you’re planning on adding comprehensive insurance to your policy, you’ll be raising your rates noticeably. While the protection is nice, you’ll probably be looking for other ways to lower your costs after making this purchase. Consider taking a safety course, actively working to clean up your driving style, combining insurance plans or taking advantage of memberships that you have.

A safety course can lower your premium substantially if it qualifies as a discount. You could receive a premium that’s lowered by as much as 10% after going through the course, especially if you have points on your driving record that will be removed.

Insurance companies rely on your driving record to determine how much you should pay for your premium. If you drive carefully and avoid any major problems while out on the road, you’ll get lower rates than a reckless driver does. So be careful and do your best to avoid any problems while out on the road.

Multi-policy discounts are a great way for homeowners or life insurance users to save money. Try bundling as many of your different policies under your auto insurance company. You’ll generally receive discounts with each addition, and you could also get discounts for adding any of your other vehicles to an existing policy.