How to Find the Right Motorcycle Insurance

If you just started driving a motorcycle, you might not have realized that you have to go through the steps to insure it, just as with a car, truck or any other vehicle that you take out on the road. The process is a simple one, but it’s something that you have to take care of before hitting the road or you can easily put yourself at financial risk.

Driving without insurance could land you with a significant fine, or even jail time in some states, so take care to avoid it whenever you can.

The Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is designed to protect you, your ride and the other drivers that you might happen to "run into". Some insurance policies will also pay to repair your bike and care for your injuries during an accident, but not all. Check your policy carefully to make sure you are fully protected if an accident occurs.

Choosing a Plan

Liability insurance is the most common coverage and the type that is mandatory in most states. If you have liability insurance on your motorcycle, your company will pay for the property damage and injury to the other party in an accident, helping you avoid paying those costs out of pocket.

Collision insurance is the next step up from liability, and it will cover your motorcycle if it needs to be repaired. Collision coverage also helps cover medical costs, helping you avoid significant hospital costs.

Selecting a Policy

It’s important to take your time when selecting an insurance policy for your motorcycle. Look at the different providers in your area and get quotes. Make sure that you are getting all the coverage that you need, and get extra if you believe that you will need it. Always find out what it is going to cost you to get insurance before you do, and use multiple quotes to help find the best deal. Before deciding on a policy you should:

  • Visit websites like The Consumer Watchdog or Standard and Poor's to learn about the track record of the companies you are considering.
  • Read reviews to see what other customers think.
  • Talk with loved ones to learn about their experiences.
  • Get multiple quotes.
  • Check coverage amounts to ensure you’re getting the coverage that best suits your needs.
  • Look into discounts that can save you money.

Take your time when you pick out the insurance that you want on your motorcycle. Make sure that you consider the costs of each policy and the total coverage that you’re getting. As long as you don’t rush through the process, you should be able to get enough insurance to protect yourself properly and avoid any of the penalties that face the uninsured.