Helpful Tips for Policyholders

Auto insurance is difficult to keep track of and pretty hard to understand as well. Here are solutions to common problems that vehicle owners face on a regular basis.

Handling an Insurance Lapse

If your insurance policy ends, and you don’t renew it immediately, you don’t find another policy, or you don’t turn in your plates, you have lapsed insurance. In some states you’ll have your license suspended for this, some will give out fines for every day it lapses, and others will simply penalize you for the act. Be careful not to drive with lapsed insurance, and purchase a new policy as soon as possible to avoid potential penalties and issues. If you drive without insurance and get into an accident, you are liable for the costs.

Get Insurance Coverage with a Suspended License

Having your license suspended is highly inconvenient, but even if it happens there are still reasons you might want to maintain your vehicle insurance. For instance, you may have other drivers in your house that use the vehicle. If the insurance company will not cover you without a license, the easiest solution is to have another person in your household get the insurance instead. If they are not on the title you might run into additional issues, though, in which case it’s probably easiest to work with another insurance company that will let you get the coverage. In some instances, you might garage your vehicle when you lose your license. In that case, you might want comprehensive coverage to protect against any damages during storage. Look for an insurer that will allow you to get only comprehensive so you aren’t paying more than you have to.

Reasons to Change Companies

There’s no reason that you have to deal with an insurance company that you don’t like or that doesn’t treat you properly. As soon as your policy lapses you might want to consider finding a new provider if you are paying more than quotes offered by other companies, if you are dealing with rude customer service or the company simply doesn’t offer the features that other companies offer. Always look around and see what the other insurers are offering their drivers to help ensure that you aren’t missing out on something with your current provider.

Adding a New Car on Your Policy

Adding a new car to your current policy is usually a pretty simple process. You call the insurance company, give them the info for the vehicle and have it added on. This will raise your rates, but that’s the only change you’ll usually experience. In some instances, you either can’t add additional vehicles or additional people to your policy and in cases, you’ll have to get a policy from another insurer to cover the extra vehicles or people. That’s the same process as getting the original policy.

Hopefully, these common solutions will help you solve some of the issues that you run into as a car owner. There are plenty of issues that you’ll face, but you shouldn’t have to be confused or unsure of what to do, and now for some problems, you won’t have to.