Insurance for the Off-Road Enthusiast

Although the majority of dirt bikes are not deemed street legal, many insurance providers offer a diverse smattering of policies to insure your off-roading motorbike. Many times an insurance package can be customized to fit your dirt bike riding needs.

How is Dirt Bike Insurance Different than Motorcycle Insurance?

Dirt bikes and motorcycles are two distinct types of insurance policies. A liability policy for a street legal motorbike. Liability coverage is designed to cover on-road mishaps. Since not considered street legal, insuring a dirt bike requires obtaining coverage that fits your needs better.

Covering a Dirt Bike

Coverage for a dirt bike requires the consideration of some special conditions.

  • Coverage against Theft: Dirt bikes are easily stolen and hard to recover as
    registration is not required for dirt bikes, so they are difficult
    to track.
  • Protect Your Transport: You should also consider adding coverage to protect your
    trailer or transportation utility. Insurance covering the vehicle itself will not provide protection if the thief decides to take your whole rig.
  • Fire Protection: While your bike may not burst into flames out on the trail, it may be damaged by a fire in your garage or some other location. An event of this kind may be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance but take care to be sure.
  • Protect Yourself To and From: This coverage, of course, will protect your investment while
    traveling to your off-road adventure and back to the house.

If you off-road competitively, you may be glad to hear that many companies offer motocross-specific insurance policies.

More Policy Whistles and Bells

After you come to a decision as to basic coverages, there are many other riders available to provide you even more protections.

  • Cover Your Custom Accessories: If you have added custom features to your bike, this coverage will reimburse not only the book value but the value of your aftermarket accessories as well.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This policy type is universal in its scope, providing protection against a multitude of calamities including vandalism, fire, and, theft. Beyond these protections, such policies may provide replacement for damage caused by "acts of God" such as tornados, floods or hail.
  • Collision Coverage: Just as with an on-road policy, this coverage pays if you collide with something     off-road, like trees or fence posts.
  • Roadside Assistance: Believe it or not, there are policies available to help pull you out of messes you've gotten yourself into like misjudging how deep that mud really was or breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

Get the Best Deal by Shopping Around

As more and more providers are insuring dirt bikes, it makes good financial sense to compare quotes and get yourself covered. Check out a bunch because the greater the number of companies you research, the greater the chance you'll find a policy that meets both your needs and budget.