Money Savings for Mature Drivers

If you are a driver aged 50 or above you should really consider the benefits of a mature driver course. Not only can this course help refresh your memory about the different driving rules and regulations, but it can teach you new techniques to become a safer, more confident driver.

What You’ll Learn

When going through a mature driving course, you’ll learn about current driving law and how to keep yourself safe while out on the road. These safety tips include learning about how to minimize your blind spots, how to change lanes effectively and maintain a safe distance while driving.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the topics you could expect in a mature driver course:

  • Medication and its effects on a driver’s body
  • Safety laws
  • How to use child safety seats
  • How to be safe around airbags
  • Active driving tips such as following distance and lane changing
  • Local laws
  • Much more

Enjoy the Benefits

There are plenty of real-world benefits that you’ll enjoy from taking your mature drivers course. These benefits are often the main reason that older drivers decide to take the course. If you are interested in enjoying some of the benefits listed below, you should consider taking the course yourself.

Reduced insurance premiums – Many insurance companies offer discounts to seniors that take a mature driving course. Going through the short course can save you a significant amount of money throughout the year, clearly one of the best reasons to take it.
Boosted confidence – Studying the recent laws and brushing up on your driving skills will help you feel better while out on the road.
Safer passengers – Learning about the latest safety technology and child-safety restraints you can keep children and other passengers safer in your car.
Lower chance of accidents – Most courses teach valuable defensive driving techniques that can actually lower your risk of getting into an accident while traveling.
Lower risk for tickets – While taking the course, you’ll learn about the different driving laws and with your updated knowledge you’ll be less likely to receive a traffic ticket.

Different Course Types

There are two ways that you can take a mature drivers course. Base your choice on the time you have available and how you like to learn information. There are both traditional "in-person" courses as well as courses offered online.

With either option, there will be a short test at the end of the instruction. After passing, you will be presented with a certificate of completion. This is the document you will submit to your insurance agent to start enjoying your premium discounts.

An online course provides you with the same benefits, except you get all your course material right through your computer. After reading through the information and fully understanding it, you can take an online test and get your certificate that way.

If you’d like to cut your insurance costs, or you simply want to brush up on driving rules and regulations, consider going through a mature driving course, it’s an excellent investment.