Ways to Save on Teen Car Insurance

Statistics play a big part in the decision to charge higher rates based on age, even if it seems a little unfair. Since teens are young and are lacking a lot of driving experience, they are among the highest risk groups for traffic violations and vehicle accidents. Despite the stacked statistics, there are some simple ways to keep teen car insurance premiums down.

Get on a Multi-driver Policy with Your Folks

As a teen driver, strictly speaking, having your own car insurance policy isn’t necessary. In fact, if you have a separate policy from your parents, it's probably costing all of you more money. In most cases, paying for a single multi-driver policy is better than paying for two policies.

Talk to your parent or guardian about adding you to their policy. They'll probably be eager to help because it will save them money, too.

Study a Little More

Many auto insurance providers offer discounts to students who maintain a good GPA. Typically called good student discounts, these premium reductions acknowledge students’ scholastic efforts and make it easier for teens to obtain reasonable auto insurance.

Check with your provider for details about this discount. In many cases, the discount can be applied through college and beyond.

Pick Your Ride Carefully

Driving is exhilarating, but your vehicle doesn’t have to be. It may sound dreary, but practical vehicles with high safety ratings frequently earn you lower rates on your auto insurance than that expensive, big-engined show car.

If your parents purchase a car for you, think modest sedan with ample safety features. It may not turn a lot of heads, but it may save you enough money to go out Friday night.

Sign Up for Driver’s Ed

Your school curriculum or state may not require driver’s education, but it is still not a bad idea to complete Driver’s Ed, as it is often an avenue to save money on your auto insurance.

An approved Driver's Ed course is designed to teach your state’s driving laws and other rules of the road while also offering invaluable behind-the-wheel experience. Often you will be rewarded for your efforts with an additional discount for taking an extra driver training course. Just verify that it’s one approved by the insurance provider.

Keep Safe Behind the Wheel

A driving record is a living document reflecting every traffic citation you've ever received and every accident in which you’ve been involved. Each of these incidents is awarded a point value, and you don't want to outscore your opponents here. Driving record points are key when it comes to determining your insurance rates. More points mean more money in your insurance guy's pocket. Keeping a spotless driving record is imperative to your insurance premium and your safety. Always practice safe driving every time you are behind the wheel.