Why Traffic Citations Are Hazardous to Your Wallet

A driving infraction may not just land you with a fine; it could also raise your insurance rates in some instances. This means that a seemingly affordable ticket might be costing you much more than you realize. However, changes in insurance premiums don't apply to every type of moving violation, so we’ll help explain which violations will bump your rates up, and when that increase will go into effect.

Why Your Cost May Go Up

It’s common for your insurance rates to increase after a moving violation because insurers look at your driving record to determine how much to determine your premiums. by and large, the more violations you have, the higher your rates will be. Going a long stretch without a violation will help you get lower rates thanks to safe driver discounts.

Premiums are only affected by tickets once you are convicted of the violation listed on the ticket, which is why it’s so important to contest any tickets you believe were unjustly given out.

Often your rate won’t increase until your next policy renewal date so that moving violation you get a month into your latest policy likely won’t affect what you pay until it’s time to renew once again.

Different Violations Come with Different Adjustments

A minor fine such as a registration or inspection ticket isn’t likely to raise your rates much if at all. On the other hand, more serious infractions such as speeding or DUI could leave you with substantial rate hikes. Different violations add different point amounts to your record, and the less serious often don’t add much cost to your insurance premiums.

Call Your Insurance Company

Whether or not your rates will go up with specific violations depends a lot on your state and your particular insurance company. To find out which violations will increase your premiums, contact your insurance company and ask them directly. Doing so will let you know the violations that should be avoided at all costs to help you keep your rates low. You can also find out how long you will be penalized for a violation, so you know how soon your premiums are going to come back down.

Save Money with Traffic School

If you’re suffering from high insurance premiums, you may be able to lower your costs by attending classes at a nearby traffic school or online. That’s because many companies offer a premium discount to drivers that have a traffic school certificate. Get in touch with your provider to make sure they offer this type of discount, and then complete an approved driver safety course to get the discount. It will help you save money every month of your premium.

Car insurance is an expense that is a fact of life for car owners. Your rates are directly affected by how you drive around the road, which is exactly why it makes sense taking the time to understand it a bit better. Now that you know how much traffic violations can affect your insurance premiums, you have yet another reason to do your best to avoid breaking the law while driving around.