Your First-Time Kansas Drivers License Guide

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: September 6, 2023

The Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) requires teenagers applying for a drivers license to complete a drivers education course. The course is a great benefit, not only to teen drivers but to any driver needing to pass a driving exam or simply to become a better driver.

Getting Ready for Kansas Drivers Ed

License applicants younger than 16 are required to complete a drivers education program before they can obtain a license. If you are at least 14 years old, the first step is to obtain your learner’s permit and to enroll in a drivers ed class.

For many, the main obstacle to getting a learner’s permit is the passing of the learners permit test. The test includes much information about traffic law and other details of the Kansas driving environment.

Drivers wishing to do well on the permit exam could prepare in any or all of the following ways:

A Kansas practice test is an ideal way to prepare for your written exam. It’s just like the  test you will see, with none of the pressure. After you can ace it at home, head to your local Kansas DMV office and knock it out of the park!

A Little Bit about Drivers Ed Kansas

State authorized and approved drivers education courses are offered in public high schools and at professional driving schools. It must be noted that, while there are many providers, the state of Kansas does not currently recognize online driving courses to fulfill the graduated drivers license requirements.

Regardless of where you take a drivers education class, the class will feature both theoretical and practical instruction. The amount of time spent in a classroom and the time spent in a car will be determined by your course provider.

The classroom portion will expose you to topics like:

From Kansas Drivers Ed to Kansas Drivers License

With the completion of your drivers Ed course, you are one step closer to your Kansas drivers license. Before scheduling your road test, make sure the following requirements have also been met:

On the day you visit the Kansas DMV for your road test, be sure to bring proof of your identity and, after you a pass that driving test, you will be on your way.