Your First-Time Kentucky Drivers License Guide

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: October 14, 2023

The purpose of any drivers education program is to produce better informed, better prepared and better-skilled drivers. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet requires that all teenagers looking to earn an unrestricted Kentucky license must begin by taking a drivers education course.

Are You Ready for Drivers Ed Kentucky?

Before enrolling in a driver education course, you must first obtain a learners permit. You may apply for a permit when you are 16 years of age and then must pass a written and a vision test to earn the permit.

The permit test covers lots of information about driving law and the Kentucky driving environment. To be competently prepared, you could try one (or all) of the following strategies:

Kentucky permit practice tests are a great way to prepare for your written exam. With actual KY DMV questions, it’s exactly like the exam you will see, but without any pressure. As soon as you can ace it at home, you’ll be ready to head to the DMV and pass it on your first try!

What to Expect from Drivers Ed Kentucky

There are three driver training options in the state of Kentucky:

The 4-Hour Kentucky GLP course provides only classroom instruction, addressing topics such as:

A traditional classroom drivers ed course, like the ones offered at Kentucky high schools, community colleges, etc., may include a behind the wheel component as well as classroom instruction, depending on your provider.

The classroom curriculum is a more detailed version of the Graduated License Program. Topics will expand to include:

An online course will provide all of the same preparation material, but in a format that is much more convenient than a traditional classroom course. With an online drivers education course, you can work as little or as much as you want during whatever time you have available.

No matter the course type you choose, be very sure that the course provided has been Kentucky approved to meet the criteria of the graduated license program.

Moving Towards Your License from KY Drivers Ed

After you have finished your drivers ed course, you must complete 60 hours of practice driving, supervised by a licensed driver. Of the 60 hours, ten must be completed after dark. You will document these hours on a Practice Driving Log that must be signed by your parent or guardian.

Once you have completed your required practice driving and have held your permit for a minimum of 180 days, you may contact your local Kentucky county clerk office to schedule a road skills test and your intermediate KY drivers license.