Thinking About a Motorcycle?

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

Maybe you should. Owning a motorcycle can be a rewarding experience with many benefits, ranging from finances to aesthetics even to include moral reasons. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind the possible disadvantages too, so that you can make an informed decision.

Motorcycle Operating Costs

The price of motorcycles can vary widely. You may be able to find an old used bike for a few hundred dollars, or you might become smitten with an exotic showbike that will set you back tens of thousands. However, unless you are splurging for the top of the line luxury model, purchasing a bike will most likely cost less than buying a car.

Still, the motorcycle itself will usually not be the only thing you pay for. It’s important to calculate the other costs of motorcycle ownership including:

  • Insurance – Depending on the type of bike you have, your premium will presumably be lower for a motorcycle than a car, but policies vary.
  • Helmets and other protective gear – Personal tastes and style can have this total run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Training courses – If you’re a new rider, or starting again after a hiatus, it may be a wise decision to refresh your skills. Such classes can cost several hundred dollars.

But, After That, It Gets Better

You will almost surely save money when you’re fueling up a bike instead of a car. Statistical findings from mileage research indicate that most motorcycles will get at least as many miles per gallon as a car and, often, a considerable amount more. However, these figures and conclusions are heavily dependent on your particular riding style. That being said, we bet you’ll still do better at the pump.

Decreased Wear on the Environment

Better fuel economy brings about an increase in environmental benefits. With higher MPG being directly related to less carbon-dioxide emissions from your bike, a smaller environmental footprint is a big bonus when considering reasons to buy a motorcycle.
Another positive impact is the small size of motorcycles when compared to cars. This translates to the need for fewer natural resources to create the bike, and less raw materials having to be mined for the manufacturing process.

More Perks of a Smaller Footprint

A motorcycle, being nimbler and lighter than a car, can also have a positive effect on road infrastructures. Having a narrow, two-wheeled frame and a lower average weight than, a motorcycle causes less wear and tear on a bridge or road than the heavier, wider-set car.

Where Do I Park?

Being much smaller than their car counterparts makes parking a motorcycle much easier. In urban or congested areas, parking can cause lots of stress. At times like that, a motorcycle can be a real stress reliever as it is simpler to park.

Getting From Here to There

We can all breathe easier with the reduced environmental impact of a motorcycle. There are states, like California, that allow bikers to legally split lanes. This maneuver, made possible by the agility of a motorcycle, can assist in easing traffic congestion. Less time idling means fewer emissions produced and who wouldn’t call that a win?

Of course, we must mention the most notable reason many people choose to ride a motorcycle: pure enjoyment. Some riders may feel more meditative on their bikes, while others get a rush of excitement from the power provided by their motorcycles.

There are many positive benefits to riding a motorcycle, and you can enjoy all of them. However, making the choice to ride is only the tip of the iceberg.