Your Guide to Motorcycling

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

Your mother (or your spouse or kids or friends…) may have told you they’re a death wish, but we’d like to give you reasons that motorcycles can not only be fun, but affordable, gas-efficient, environmentally friendly, and—most importantly—safe. In short, you can own, maintain, and ride a motorcycle responsibly—and we can show you how! In this guide, we’ll not only help you to understand the benefits of a bike (and to more thoroughly understand the risks), we’ll also help you understand how to safely navigate the roads on your bike so that you (and mom!) can rest easy. Let’s get started!

What’s So Great About Motorcycles?

You already know all the reasons you want a bike. Let us show you reasons that motorcycle ownership can actually be a smart choice. However, we want to be completely truthful and unbiased. We’ll also tell you upfront about the dangers inherent in riding a motorcycle so that you can understand and take care to avoid them.

Motorcycle Gear: Strap it on Before Heading Out

This guide to motorcycle gear will make sure you understand how and why it is critical to protect each part of your body when riding. We’ll get you into the safest gear and teach you how to turn your fashion statement into a life-saver!

How to Motorcycle Group Ride Safely

Riding with friends! Check out our quick and easy tips for how to stay safe and together when traveling with a wolf pack.

Keeping a Passenger Safe on Your Motorcycle

You’ve got the bike, and now you want to show it off to your family and friends. The best way to do that is to make sure they have the [safest] ride of their lives—not to take risks that have them scared for their lives! We’ll talk you through how to keep your sweetheart or your buddies safely behind you so that they can enjoy peace of mind as well as the wind in their hair as you fly together.

Ride Your Motorcycle Safely in Heavy Traffic

Got a heavily trafficked commute? These tips can get you there and back safely, no matter where “there” is!

Riding a Motorcycle Safely on the Open Road

In mom’s favorite article, we’ll walk you through motorcycle safety tips that will keep you alive even in tough riding conditions. Knowing these tips and tricks may not just save your lives, but the lives of those with whom you share the road.

Ride Safely by Watching the Weather

Driving through wind, rain, sleet, and snow can be terrifying enough in a car, but a motorcycle is another story. Learn how to watch and prepare for the weather to stay safe while riding.

Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course

It’s always worth it, and we’ll tell you why in this article on motorcycle safety courses!

How Much Motorcycle Do You Need?

The answer depends on you, but we can show you options to help you decide!

Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Make sure you and your loved ones are covered before you hit the road!

Insurance for the Off-Road Enthusiast

Are you a risk-taker? A thrill-seeker? Do you like mud? Off-roading—and off-road-worthy insurance—may be right for you. Let us help you find coverage!

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