Why Consider a Motorcycle Safety Course?

by Driving Guide | Last Updated: October 3, 2023

If you’re considering getting a motorcycle, or you already own one, you might want to take a few moments to learn how a motorcycle safety course can benefit you. No, I’m not just talking about making you a safer rider, though that’s a big benefit. These courses can also save you a great deal of time, and even save you some money along the way. In some instances, these courses can aid you in getting your license and even cut down your insurance premiums. While they are not for everyone, if you are interested in learning to be a better rider, or learning to ride at all, it’s a good idea to take one.

How the Courses Work

Most motorcycle safety courses are split up into two different parts. The first is a set of lectures to help you learn how to use a motorcycle and how to be safe while doing so. The lectures comprise a large portion of the course, but they are not the only component of the course. You also have lots of road practice to get to, and this is perhaps the most valuable part of the course. You’ll ride around specially designed road courses and learn all about different riding techniques and rules to help keep you safer. In the end, you’ll be given a test to evaluate that you know what you are doing before being awarded a certificate.

How Beginners Benefit

As a beginner rider, there is likely much that you don’t currently know about navigating the roads on a motorcycle. Fortunately, quality motorcycle safety courses are led by certified instructors that know the laws very well and how to ride around safely. They will cover all the essentials that included in your manual, and likely teach you important tricks and safety tips beyond the ones found there.

Another major benefit to the new rider taking one of these courses is that passing the class could help you avoid taking a motorcycle license test at all. In many cases, the DMV will award you your license just for passing the course, and you will not have to worry about scheduling a separate test in order to qualify.

How Veteran Riders Benefit

As an experienced rider, you probably aren’t too concerned with getting your license, because you should already have it and you are probably already comfortable with the basic rules and common practices of safe motorcycle operation. That said, there are many advanced techniques and useful tips that you can gain from these courses to help make you a safer and even more confident rider. As an added benefit, going through a safety course can also help you qualify for a reduction in your insurance premium. You may end up paying less for insurance than you currently do, which could help cover the cost of the course and more over time.

Motorcycle safety courses are a good investment for most riders whether first time or experienced. The course will help you be the safest rider that you can be, and might even save your life someday. They could save you money, and for some riders they are the easiest way to obtain a license. There are plenty of safety courses around the country, so take a minute to look for in your area if you’re interested. They’re pretty accessible and relatively affordable for the value they offer.