How to Pass the Permit Test

by Driving Guide | Last Updated: March 1, 2021

Before you can get your license and start experiencing the freedom of driving on your own, you have to get a permit to practice and gain on road experience. Before you can snag that permit, you’ll have to take the permit test. The test ensures that you know the rules of the road and it’s something that you’ll want to prepare for properly. Here’s a quick guide on how you can prepare for the test. Follow these steps, and you should do just fine.

What is a Permit?

If you aren’t too familiar with the rules for new drivers, you might not be familiar with a permit at all. Simply put, a permit is a little piece of paper that says you can practice driving and to get one requires passing a written exam. Before you start practice driving, it’s important that you know and understand the rules of the road, which is exactly what you are tested on at the DMV office.

Study, Study, Study

I know, I know, that DMV guide book is really boring, and it’s a bit longer than you would probably like. However, it’s jam-packed with information that will prepare you to pass your permit test. Your best bet is to spend some time getting familiar with the handbook. Doing so will give you the knowledge you need to pass the test. Read through the book a few times, and make sure that you understand all the information in it. In most cases, that’s all you need to do to pass the test.

Study Visually

YouTube is a great source of knowledge today, and it’s a tool that you can use to ace your driving test. Watch permit videos on YouTube. Often the videos will feature questions that you would see on an actual test. If you’re a visual learner, this will help you develop strategies to do well on the test.

Consider a Study Group

You probably have some friends that are working toward their permits as well. Consider forming a study group with a few other people so that you can all maximize your learning time. You can create flashcards, make games or do anything else to help you learn all that valuable information. A group might be the fastest way for you to learn the information you need. Even if working in a group doesn’t save you time, it does make learning more enjoyable.

Practice Practice Practice!

Practice tests are the best way that you can prepare for the permit test. That’s because they look nearly identical to the actual test. These tests are freely available on the internet, in books and through the local DMV as well. Get your hands on a few of these tests and go through them carefully. Make sure that you know how to answer the questions properly and study any questions that you don’t understand.

Take your time to prepare for the permit test and you shouldn’t have any trouble. But if you do fail your first test, don’t despair. You can retake the test and in some cases won’t even have to pay any additional money to do so. Just be aware that there is often a waiting period between tries so use the time to study!