Selling an RV

by Driving Guide | Last Updated: October 3, 2023

At first glance, RVs seem like a lot of fun. An RV will help you enjoy nature while bringing along the comforts of home. Unfortunately, for many owners, reality falls short of expectation and the RV isn’t used very often or perhaps the payments are a burden to bear. Whatever the reason, after time many people that purchase RVs decide that they would like to part with them. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple, and if you can find the right buyer you can easily let go of that RV that’s only collecting dust.

Calculating the Asking Price

Before selling your RV, the very first thing that you have to do is to figure out how much you want to get for it. Don’t rush through this step. Otherwise, you could end up listing it for too much or too little. You want to get as much from the sale as you can without scaring away buyers.

To find out a good price to charge for your RV, consult both Kelley Blue Book and the JD Power. The values that you get from both of these resources should help you figure out the price range to use for your RV. After you determine the estimated value from both resources, you should pick a starting price somewhere in between. Leave yourself room to negotiate based on buyer response, but having a realistic starting point will be helpful.

Get a History Report

A vehicle history report is a valuable tool that will help prove to a potential buyer that the vehicle was properly maintained. Obtain and have available a history report for anyone wanting to look at the vehicle. Having the report is a useful tactic to help raise the value of your RV.

Clean it Up

Another good idea is to clean up the RV before you start showing it off to interested buyers. Take your time and clean it thoroughly inside and out. This step will make it look newer and more valuable overall. It’s a good strategy to keep your selling price higher.

Prove Compliance with State Requirements

In many states, an RV must pass a smog test before it can be registered. Make sure that you keep proof of passing this test available for interested buyers. Providing this evidence will show that the RV is ready to go, and it’s especially important when selling to someone residing in the same state.

Advertise It

Use local papers as well as online markets to promote your RV to as many people as you can. Make sure that you highlight any of the unique features that make it worth considering, and also use high-quality photos to show off the RV both inside and out. The more time and effort you put into your online listings, the better chance you have at selling the vehicle.

Complete the Sale

Make sure that you have all the necessary documents before finalizing the sale. Keep things like the title safely stored until needed. Make a list of all the required documents and keep them on hand so that you can complete the deal quickly if necessary.

For many, the two happiest days of their lives are the day they buy an RV and the day they sell it. Following these simple suggestions should make that second happy day go smoothly.

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