Your First-Time South Carolina Drivers License Guide

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: October 14, 2023

First-time teen drivers looking to obtain a South Carolina drivers license must first complete a Department of Motor Vehicles approved driver education course. This rule applies to teens under 17 years of age.

Using a combination of classroom and behind the wheel instruction, a drivers ed course will help you take to the road safely and confidently.

How to Qualify for Drivers Ed South Carolina

Before enrolling in a driver education course, you must first obtain your beginner, or learner, permit. To apply for this permit you must:

To get ready for the knowledge test you can study the South Carolina driver handbook or take advantage of a permit practice test.

On a permit practice test, you will see questions that have been taken from actual South Carolina permit examinations. There may not be a better way to boost your confidence as you head into the DMV than to know the answers before you even see the questions.

What is Included In Driver Education South Carolina?

In South Carolina, you will be required to complete eight hours of classroom lessons as well as six hours behind the wheel training. The classroom portion will include topics like:

DMV approved driver education courses are offered at South Carolina high schools as well as at private commercial providers. Check out the DMV list of approved private providers for more information.

Getting on the Road After Drivers Ed South Carolina

After drivers ed, South Carolina teens can apply for a conditional license at age 15 or a special restrictive license at age 16. The application process will require the completion of a PDLA form. The PDLA form certifies that you have completed drivers ed, completed your supervised practice driving and that you are currently attending school.

After your PDLA form has been accepted, you will be ready to pass a vision and a driving skills test that will put you on the road as a newly licensed driver.