Have Someone Else Buy Your Car

As nice as it would be, unfortunately, we’re not talking about the paying part, just the shopping part. If the thought of the car buying process gives you anxiety, it might not be necessary to go through all the haggling, paperwork and other hassles. Instead, a car buying service can be employed to take the stress out of the process.

What is a Car Buying Service?

A car buying service is a company that handles all the work involved with buying a vehicle. This company tracks down what you are looking for, finds one for a good price, handles the negotiations, purchases the vehicle and delivers it to your home. There is literally nothing that you’ll have to do, other than pay the company for the service.

Types of Car Services

There are a few different car buying service types for consideration. Some are more expensive and some more comprehensive, but it's the buyer who must determine which service is the right fit. The predominant services in use today are car concierges, car brokers and auto club car services.


Concierges offer the most comprehensive services of the available models. They charge either a flat fee or a percentage of the money saved off the purchase price of the vehicle. These companies assist buyers in the following:

  • Guide selection of the right vehicle
  • Negotiate final purchase price with the dealership
  • Ensure car contract contains favorable terms
  • Provide vehicle delivery


Car brokers have established relationships with and are paid by dealerships. They negotiate vehicle price and help match buyers with vehicles.

A major disadvantage of using a broker is a limitation in vehicle possibilities for the buyer. Since brokers represent individual dealers, they often have access to fewer cars to offer. On the other hand, despite the inability to negotiate as favorable a price as a concierge service, their fee is paid by the dealership so the final expense to the buyer may be comparable.

Car Club Services

Car clubs negotiate with dealerships for set prices. That means club members can shop vehicles at club prices and skip the negotiation process. Cutting out this portion of the process can make the buying experience much less stressful.

Research First

Every buyer should do their own research to determine a good car value before relying on a service to make the purchase. Having done the prep work, it’s easier to decide if using a buying service would be valuable.

A car service is of great assistance to anyone looking to skip the stressful process of buying a new vehicle. It’s up to you to decide which service type is right for your needs. Consider the cost of each option and the potential savings then get ready to relax yourself into your next vehicle.