Motorcycle Warranty Coverage

Every new motorcycle comes with a manufacturer's warranty. This guarantee protects the bike against common failures and mechanical issues that might arise due to a faulty part. The warranty is an agreement that's often activated automatically, but may sometimes require registration before use. The manufacturer's warranty is offered as standard protection, but there are extended agreements available to go beyond that base coverage for even more protection. These extended warranties cost more but are sometimes worth the expense. Both warranty types offer protection, but it's up to the buyer to decide the level of protection with which they are comfortable.

Standard Warranty Terms

A standard manufacturer's warranty comes with basic coverage for a set number of miles or years after a purchase. It covers items like defective parts as well as against failure of major components of the vehicle. The length of protection is sometimes shorter for other, non-vital parts. Local dealerships support warranties making them simple and convenient to utilize.

An Extended Warranty

If the basic warranty offered with your motorcycle isn't comprehensive enough to suit you, it can be upgraded with an extended warranty. This warranty is a separate service agreement designed to lengthen the term of the protection or to offer a wider array of coverages. Such extended warranties may be available from the dealership, the manufacturer or a third party.

Common Warranty Limitations

While most warranties cover major components such as engine and drivetrain, there will be many other parts that will be excluded from coverage. As would be expected, protection is not extended to parts not essential to the operation of the vehicle or are designed to wear out and require regular replacement.

Such items may include:

  • Audio or media equipment
  • Air, oil and gasoline filters
  • Oil and other lubricants
  • Tires
  • Battery
  • Other accessories

Voiding Your Warranty

It is important to note that a warranty, either manufacturer or extended, can be voided due to violations of clauses within the agreement. It's not that difficult to void a warranty mistakenly if you are not familiar with the conditions, so read the terms closely.

Here are some common limitations that may void a warranty:

  • Engaging in a race or other performance competition
  • Involvement in a crash
  • Adding third-party modifications or parts to the bike
  • Failure to provide proper routine maintenance
  • Damage caused by neglect

It is ultimately the buyer's decision as to whether an extended warranty is worth the extra cost.  Some warranties are worth the money while some over promise and under deliver. Don't presume that the extended warranty being offered bears any resemblance to the manufacturer's warranty. Do enough research, and you can find an extended warranty that will provide valuable protection and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your motorcycle for years to come.