Basic Maintenance Keeps Your Car on the Road

It can be intimidating to do, but it’s up to you to maintain and monitor your vehicle over time. You’re the one who is going to be in contact with your vehicle on a daily basis, and if you don’t pay attention to what is going on with it, and handle some basic maintenance tasks, you could end up with serious issues down the road. It’s not hard to do, and a bit of monitoring and maintenance over time goes a long way.

Visual Checks

One of the most important things you can do for your vehicle’s health is to monitor it closely. Look underneath your vehicle for rust and for any signs of wear that you didn’t see in the past. Look through the engine bay to see if there are any signs of leaking fluid. Pay attention to the exhaust of your vehicle for any smoke emissions or strange fumes. Also keep an eye on all the warning lights of the vehicle to help you stay on top of any problem areas that need to be inspected more carefully. Also take the time to check the pressure levels of all the tires on your vehicle regularly, to ensure they aren’t low and wearing unevenly.

Fluid Checks

Be sure to check your oil and coolant levels regularly so keep your car from running out or having issues over time. One common problem that many people deal with is engine oil being burnt up or leaking, which is why the level should be monitored weekly.

Change the Oil

One of the most important maintenance tasks that you can complete is an oil change. It’s quite simple to do, and will keep your engine in good condition over time. You should swap out the oil and the filter in your vehicle often. This will help sludge and other harmful compounds keep from building up in your engine and causing wear problems.

Pay attention to your manufacturer suggested oil change interval and change your oil once you’ve traveled the recommended distance. This is often around 5,000 miles. Make sure that you are using the proper weight oil when changing it each time, and that you are checking the level of your oil to be sure it’s within the minimum and maximum levels at all times. As long as you do this, you’ll keep your engine in better shape and extend the life of your vehicle over time.

Miscellaneous Replacement Parts

The oil is one important maintenance task that you have to stay on top of, but other parts need regular replacement as well. Below is a list of common components that you should change out over time. Take a look at your manual to see suggested intervals for these changes.

  • Windshield wipers
  • Spark plugs
  • Lights
  • Air filter
  • Timing belt for the engine

These are the parts that you’ll want to keep an eye on to be sure they aren’t wearing out, and that you’ll eventually have to change out.

Make sure that you keep an eye on your vehicle at all times, and be prepared to make replacements or improvements as needed to keep it running properly. That might mean spending some time looking under the hood or the body of your vehicle every week, but staying on top of repair and maintenance issues will save you money, and help keep your vehicle running longer as well.