Is a Motorcycle the Right Choice for You?

There are many good reasons to buy a motorcycle. From finances, looks, exhilaration, even ecological considerations, bikes have many advantages.

As with any major purchase, though, there are factors to consider before deciding whether or not a motorcycle is right for you.

Gas Mileage

Most motorcycles are very fuel efficient. With the exception of some hybrid cars, you can expect to get far greater gas mileage from a bike.

The efficiency varies with performance, size, and riding style, but the same can be said for cars. Many manufacturers have started adding indicator lights to alert a rider when they are operating in an economical manner.

Damage to the Infrastructure

Since motorcycles are smaller and lighter than cars and trucks, they have a far less damaging impact on roads and bridges.

Damage to the Environment

Since motorcycles typically use much less gasoline, they have far fewer harmful carbon-dioxide emissions. This is very important to a lot of people when deciding to buy a motorcycle.

Gasoline emissions are only part of it, though. With the smaller size and fewer creature comforts, there are fewer natural (and synthetic) resources needed in the manufacture a motorcycle.


Unless you’re looking to buy a high-end touring bike, the cost of a motorcycle is usually much less than that of a car. The price ranges can vary greatly, but the motorcycle is not the only cost to consider.

Even if you are a licensed driver, that doesn’t always mean that you can legally operate a motorcycle. If you are a new rider, or if it has been several years since you rode, you may need to take a training course. These courses can cost several hundred dollars.

You will also need helmets and/or other protective gear. This equipment can reach hundreds, even thousands of dollars, depending on your needs.

One place that you could save some money, besides at the pump, is on insurance. Depending on the type of bike that you buy, motorcycle insurance is typically cheaper than it is for a car. Policies and insurers do differ, though, so shop first before you buy.


Finding a parking space, especially in busy, metropolitan areas, can be a nightmare. Having a motorcycle can help. Since motorcycles are so much smaller than cars, they are naturally much easier to park.


The size and exceptional maneuverability of a motorcycle make your daily commute easier. Navigating through heavy traffic seems much easier when you have a smaller vehicle to get in between other motorists.

Some states, like California, even let motorcycles split lanes, allowing them to pass between cars that are stopped in traffic. This can help to reduce the time of your commute, which in turn, can reduce your stress. It’s a win, win.

All in all, when motorcycles are ridden responsibly, they can be a highly beneficial and economical means of transportation. Not to mention, they can be a lot of fun. But, do your part, and do your research, and make a choice that’s right for you.