Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Vehicle for You

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

With so many car types to choose from, how can you possibly decide on the best car for you? We recommend getting started by listing why and how you want to use your new car. This will help narrow down your search. Next, determine what type of cars meet the needs you listed. Since this can seem overwhelming, we’ve done most of the work for you! While we can’t list your personal needs or desires, we can provide a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of many types of cars so that you can gauge which car type will best meet your requirements.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

So, You Want to Purchase a Hybrid?

Here, we list the advantages and disadvantages of buying a hybrid car with a gas and electric engine.

So, You Want to Go Electric?

Well? Is it? Find out with this article about the pros and cons of getting rid of the need for gas.

So, You Want to Purchase a Sedan?

We’ll tell you why buying a sedan is a great option for some—maybe even for you!

So, You Want to Purchase a Subcompact Car?

Not sure what a subcompact car even is? We can help!

So, You Want to Purchase a Luxury Car?

Who doesn’t, right? But are luxury cars worth it? Find out here!

So, You Want to Purchase a Family Car?

We know that you’ve got precious cargo on board. Put your loved ones in the safest and most efficient car you can with our advice on how to choose a family vehicle.

So, You Want to Purchase a Minivan?

It’s just a soccer mom’s car, isn’t it? Hey—don’t knock soccer, and don’t even think of talking about our moms like that. We’ll break down how and why a minivan might just be the perfect car for people of all types, not just our beloved moms and dads!

So, You Want to Purchase a Pickup Truck?

Need to haul a bunch of stuff? Want to haul a bunch of stuff? Then maybe a pickup is right for you. Or is it? Get all the information you need to make an informed decision here.

So, You Want to Purchase a Convertible?

You’ve dreamed of the day you could roll down the highway in a convertible, but did your dream involve all the details of owning one? Maybe it did. Maybe not. Read on to find out the pros and cons of buying a convertible.

So, You Want to Purchase a Diesel?

If your answer is, “No,” we’d like to respectfully ask you to reconsider. It may be that we can convince you that a diesel is a perfect choice for you? You don’t think so? Dare to let us try!

So, You Want to Purchase a Commercial Vehicle?

Why and when would you need to purchase a commercial vehicle? We can give you all the information you need to keep your business busy with the perfect commercial vehicle for you.

So, You Want to Purchase a Car Like No One Else’s?

Does a “stock” automobile not do it for you? You may be special and in need of an equally special car. Let us tell you how to make one yours once you’ve found it.

So, You Maybe Thinking Two Wheels Instead of Four?

If that’s the case, check out our motorcycle buying guide.

So, You Want to go New but Still Save a Buck or Two?

Buying last year’s model is the sometimes the cheaper option. But is it best? We’ll give you the information. You decide.

So, You Want to Save Even More?

New cars aren’t the answer for everyone. Let someone else take the hit of depreciation and enjoy their well-maintained car for years to come.