So, You Want to Buy a Convertible

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

Whether it’s cruising past the beach with the warm sun and the salty breeze in your face, or navigating a desert highway on a cool summer night under a blanket of stars, that’s how many of us imagine driving a convertible. Before buying a convertible, you should consider some of these points to see if it is a practical choice or more of a luxury.

Limitations of Convertibles

Auto manufacturers have made great strides improving the overall safety and functionality of convertibles, but they still have several limitations. Some of these are hard to ignore.


Most convertibles are built for two. While this increases the safety, it is very limiting to the driver. You also lose most of your trunk space because that is where the top is stored when it is down. Lastly, the interior is much more susceptible to wear and tear since it is often exposed to the elements.

There are some other safety limitations for convertible cars as well.

  • The cabin is often noisier which can cause distraction to the driver, even with the top up.
  • They are not really suited for bad weather.
  • Soft convertible tops allow for easier access from thieves.
  • The passengers are far more exposed to potential injuries in the event of an accident.


Since convertibles are considered luxury cars, they tend to be more expensive.

Insurance can be much more costly because the car itself is usually priced higher and the safety factors put them at greater risk of theft and injury claims. Of course, in the insurance game, higher risk means higher premiums.

There are also maintenance costs not typically associated with traditional cars. Convertible tops have moving parts and fabrics that must be maintained to sustain continued operation. The interior will also need more cleaning and protection that conventional, closed-cabin automobiles.

Advantages of Convertibles

Convertibles are great! Sure, there are some disadvantages, but the exhilaration of driving a convertible is hard to beat.

The unique sensation of driving with the wind in your hair and the full, unobstructed view around the car makes the convertible a pleasure to drive. Many feel as if it is as close to flying as you can get without leaving the ground.

The extra expense and some other features may not be as practical as a conventional vehicle, but the fun-factor can make all of it worthwhile.