Why Choose a Sedan?

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

So, You Want to Purchase a Sedan?

Oh, you’re not sure what a “sedan” even is? You’re not alone—even though sedans are the most common car on the road. This isn’t the dictionary definition, but all you really need to know about a sedan is that it is the most basic type of passenger vehicle that includes an engine housing (under the hood), passenger seating (in the body), and a cargo area (the trunk). Now that you know, it’s likely you’ve owned several sedans in the past, and you may be looking for a new one. We can list several reasons why it’s a good idea.

Reasons to Buy a Sedan

  • They come in all shapes and sizes. From the compact car perfect for the beginning driver or the professional commuter to the family-sized sedans big enough for you and your children’s friends, sedans offer a size-range that accommodates almost every need. Warning: while sedans do come in many sizes, if you’re looking for the long-haul vehicle with enough room for passengers with long legs or kids with lots of sports equipment or suitcases, you may be in the market for a minivan. The sedan is perfect for everyday driving, but for road-trip vacationing or carpooling, it may or may not work for you.
  • Perfect for daily travel. The sedan, while not equipped for off-roading, heavy loads, or severe weather, is still a scrappy go-getter that has proved itself perfect for the everyday commute.
  • They are affordable. Prices vary with style, luxury, comfort, and safety features, but this only makes them more affordable: you can pay as much as you’re willing and able for the features you need, or you can get the most basic sedan for simply getting safely from A to B. You can virtually name your price with a sedan.
  • They can be customized to your specifications for style and comfort. Want more extra features? You can probably find a sedan that has everything you want, including Bluetooth, GPS, and entertainment systems. Sedans seem to have it all (or, at least, to have the ability to have it all).
  • They get great gas mileage. On the whole, sedans are worlds ahead of SUVs, pickups, minivans, and sports cars when it comes to fuel economy, saving you even more money when toting the kids or commuting to work.
  • Storage space and legroom. Again, this varies, but you can usually expand your legroom and storage space if you’re willing to pay more, so sedans accommodate almost every need for the average-sized family.
  • They come in four-wheel or all-wheel drive and manual or automatic transmission. SUVs may be better for severe winter weather, but with four-wheel drive, these cars prove to be tough competitors, especially for the price. And, you can often choose between automatic or manual transmission to fit your driving preference.

How to Purchase a Sedan

Have we convinced you yet? If you’re in the market for a new sedan, we have more advice:

  • Do your research on the fair market value of the model you want using the Kelley Blue BookAutotrader.com, or Edmunds. You can then use this base price for comparison when shopping.
  • Get quotes from multiple dealerships to find the best price on the same or similar cars.
  • Test drive many styles and models for comfort and mechanical soundness.
  • Research manufacturer’s rebates and dealer incentives. You almost NEVER have to pay the sticker price on a car! Look for rebates and incentives and mention them AFTER you’ve negotiated the selling price.
  • Think twice before adding a service contract (often called an “extended warranty”). Maybe it will be beneficial for you… maybe it won’t. Read the fine print before you sign!
  • Know the true cost of the sedan before you buy it. The sticker price is NEVER the take-home price for a car. You will need to pay tax, title, and license, dealership fees, and car insurance, to name a few extra fees. These additional costs should be part of your budget for a new sedan!