Why You Should Consider Taking Drivers Ed

by Driving Guide | Last Updated: March 1, 2021

Unless your life goals include becoming a lion tamer or a parachute tester, wanting to drive a car is probably one of the most dangerous activities you could aspire to.

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that humans routinely participate in, and yet many people look at it casually. There’s a risk of crashing every single time that you head out onto the road. I’m not saying this to be scary; I’m just trying to prove a point. New drivers are often thrust behind the wheel without any formal training, and that’s a sobering thought for everyone on the road. If you’re planning on getting your license in the future, or simply want to learn how to be a more skilled driver, going through a drivers ed course could be an excellent option for you. Not only is it a mandatory task in some states, but it’s also a great way to learn driving safety and how to behave properly while out on the road. If you’re nervous about an upcoming road test, or you simply want to make sure you’re doing everything right, consider going through some training first to make sure you know what you are doing.

It Could Be Mandatory

In many states it’s now mandatory to go through a drivers ed course before obtaining a license is possible. For that reason, you’re only real option is completing one of these courses, or it’s equivalent when you want to get a license.

Better Chance of Passing Driving Exam

One of the biggest benefits that you’ll enjoy from taking a drivers ed course is knowing exactly how to prepare for your road exam. While your parent or guardian probably has good intentions when trying to prepare you for the road test, they likely haven’t been keeping up with any changes, and probably haven’t taken an exam themselves in quite a while. When you work with the professionals in a driving course, you’ll get up-to-date information and feedback from a professional mentor that can ensure you or you’re ready to go for the big exam day.

Learn Best Practice Safety Information

Again, driving school experts understand the best-practices for driving as safely as possible. When you take the time to learn from one of these experts they will explain all the most important safety tips, such as distraction-free-driving, proper distances while driving, and how to handle advanced situations such as freeway driving or poor weather driving.

Parent-Led Training

If heading to a third-party driving course and paying them a bunch of money to teach you the ropes doesn’t sound too appealing, you might have another option available to you. Some states allow parents to train students instead, as long as they certify that the children have gone through a certain number of practice hours. There are special training materials available to parents that want to do this, in order to help them effectively train their son or daughter.

Drivers ed is an excellent option and something that every new driver should consider before taking a road test. Before you decide to skip the training, make sure that you take a moment to look over all the local licensing requirements in your area. You might find out that you have no choice but to go through the training before you can obtain that license. It may seem like an inconvenience at the time, but that training may be the very thing that keeps you safe while out on the road after you get your license.