Learn and Save with Michigan Basic Driver Improvement by I Drive Safely

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: September 21, 2023

Looking for a convenient way to dismiss your ticket and enhance your driving skills? Look no further than I Drive Safely. Join 9 million satisfied students and discover the best Michigan Basic Driver Improvement course online.

Person at laptop taking i drive safely's Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course

Flexible Learning for Your Busy Schedule

Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere with I Drive Safely’s flexible, 100% online Michigan Basic Driver Improvement course. No more rushing to a classroom or sacrificing your work days. Embrace the convenience of online learning and fit it seamlessly into your busy life.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Students

Don’t just take our word for it—join thousands of satisfied students who have successfully completed our Michigan Basic Driver Improvement course. With a remarkable 94% satisfaction rate, our course has received rave reviews for its comprehensive content and user-friendly approach. Here are a few examples:

Chris said: “It was awesome. The videos made sure I didn’t get bored with the material and kept me focused on learning.”

Sonny J said: “Super helpful and informative. Easy to follow and understand. Well crafted and user-friendly. I even aced the quizzes!”

Ralf said: “Took the course with videos. It was a breeze, and I printed out my certificate as soon as I finished.”

Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience

I Drive Safely believes in making learning enjoyable. Their Michigan Basic Driver Improvement course is designed to be interactive and engaging. Experience a variety of multimedia elements, including videos, audio clips, slideshows, and graphics, that will keep you entertained and involved throughout the learning process.

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Learn the Essentials of Michigan Driving

Gain a deeper understanding of Michigan traffic laws, road signs, defensive driving techniques, and how to handle hazardous weather conditions. Our engaging course, consisting of 8 concise chapters, will equip you with the knowledge you need to become a more confident and responsible driver on Michigan roads.

Dismiss Your Ticket and Save on Insurance

The I Drive Safely Michigan Basic Driver Improvement course is not only about dismissing your ticket but also about potentially saving on your insurance premiums. By completing the course, you may become eligible for insurance discounts, providing you with extra savings in the long run.

Why Not Just Get Going?

Ready to dismiss that ticket and become a safer driver? I Drive Safely’s Michigan Basic Driver Improvement course guarantees ticket dismissal and a convenient learning experience. Don’t wait any longer—the longer you wait, the longer it’ll take to get it behind you. Enroll today!


The longer you wait, the longer 'til it's over...

Hold on tight! We’re in the business of i-dotting and t-crossing. Do it right the first time!

Person at laptop taking i drive safely's Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course

Dismiss Traffic Tickets the Easy Way!

To dismiss a Michigan traffic ticket using a Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC), follow these steps:

  1. Eligibility Check: Ensure you are eligible to take the Basic Driver Improvement course to dismiss your traffic ticket. In Michigan, eligibility requirements may include factors such as not having taken the course within a certain period, having a non-commercial driver’s license, and having received a qualifying traffic violation.
  2. Contact the Court: If you are eligible, contact the court handling your traffic ticket. This may be the District Court, Municipal Court, or another local court where the ticket was issued. Inquire about their specific procedures for taking a Basic Driver Improvement course to dismiss the ticket.
  3. Enroll in a Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course: Find a state-approved Basic Driver Improvement course provider in Michigan. You can search for approved providers on the Michigan Secretary of State website or contact their customer service for recommendations.
  4. Complete the Course: Enroll in the course and complete all required modules and assessments. The duration of the course may vary, but it is generally around four hours long.
  5. Obtain Course Completion Certificate: Once you successfully complete the Basic Driver Improvement course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the course provider.
  6. Submit Certificate to the Court: After receiving the completion certificate, submit it to the court handling your traffic ticket. Some courts may require you to mail or physically present the certificate, while others may accept digital copies via email or their online portal.
  7. Pay any Associated Fees: There might be fees associated with taking the Basic Driver Improvement course, such as course enrollment fees and court processing fees. Ensure you pay any required fees according to the court’s instructions.
  8. Follow-Up with the Court: Confirm with the court that they have received and processed your completion certificate. Verify that your traffic ticket has been dismissed and that no further action is required on your part.

Keep in mind that these are only general guidelines. Make sure to check with your court first before enrolling in any driver improvement course.

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