The Texas Guide to Dealing with Traffic Tickets

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

No matter if you’ve been driving for six months or 60 years, getting tickets is a fact of life. Now you’ve found yourself with one. Whether this is your first citation or you’ve had a few, what you do next is what matters.

After receiving a Texas traffic ticket, you are faced with some choices. Do you just pay it and put it behind you? Do you fight it? Do you hire an attorney? Do you “throw yourself on the mercy of the court” and hope they can help? Or, do you just ignore it and hope it goes away?  Once you know your options step by step, you can pick the one that works best for you.

Let’s take a look at how you might attack the problem of getting a ticket. Of course, you should start by weighing your options but, after that, what’s next?

  • Hire an attorney?
  • Talk to the court?
  • Take a driver safety course?

(I’m going to save you a little suspense here. That last step, the “safety course” one? That one is almost always your best choice, but who knows? One of the others might work just as well.)

You Got a Ticket. Now What?

Drivers react differently to getting tickets. Some get angry or indignant. Some are gracious, accepting the citation as an invitation to learn better for next time. Others view the infraction karmic-ly, figuring that even if they didn’t deserve the ticket this time, they probably got away with it (or worse) a dozen times in the past.

It’s not important if you experienced one of these reactions or something completely different. What is important is what you choose to do next. All you know is that you want to deal with this inconvenience with as little effort and expense as possible.

You could choose the zero effort and expense route and do nothing. I tried that once. It did not go well.

I Ignored a Ticket and it Was Fine, Until it Got Awkward (and Expensive)

You could just pay the darn thing and chalk the fine up to hard-earned experience. This option is fairly low on the effort scale but fairly high on the expense side. And it won’t just be expensive now; it’ll be expensive later when your insurance renews.

You may feel that your ticket represented an attack on your driving superiority, and now you’re out for justice. What will it take to beat your ticket with an attorney?

Hire a Lawyer and Fight, Fight, Fight

Maybe you’ve seen billboards with pictures of smiling (or sometimes scowling) attorneys promising to join in your traffic-related crusade. Is this your best answer in terms of time and expense?

The internet is crawling with attorneys ready to go to war for you over your traffic ticket. Don’t believe me? Google “fight ticket with Texas attorney” and see how many results you get.

Most of these sites will boast of a 90%+ success rate, and many will make promises like

“Full refund if we are unable to keep the ticket off your record!”

Some of these will claim they’ll pay for your ticket as well.

These sites will also offer statistics encouraging you to employ them by implying you’d be stupid not to.

“One in four tickets is issued in error, yet only 5% of drivers contest their traffic tickets.”

Do you want to be in the 95% of suckers who don’t?

If you’re the type who likes to drive fast all the time, this may be an option. Many law firms have monthly memberships that will allow you to have…

“Unlimited back-and-forth with traffic lawyers. Chat with certified lawyers until you’re satisfied. About any legal issue—from big to small, and everything in between.”

The fight-it-with-a-lawyer option works like this:

  • Spend time researching traffic lawyers and hire one. Once you’ve paid the required fees, the attorney will:
    • Request a contested hearing
    • Request discovery for your case
    • Represent you in court
    • Negotiate with the prosecutor to have your charges dropped or reduced 

Factoring in the time spent shopping for a lawyer, this option is fairly moderate on the effort scale. But, depending on what the firm charges, it may remain pretty high on the expense chart. At least your insurance won’t go up if the attorney manages to keep the ticket off your record.

But Your Honor, You Have to Understand…

You could skip hiring an attorney and head to the courthouse yourself and request one of three things:

  • A mitigation hearing
  • A contested hearing
  • Permission to take a driver safety course

A mitigation hearing is one where you request leniency because the fine represents an excessive financial burden. If you are successful, the court may reduce your fine, put you on a monthly payment plan, or allow you to work off your debt with community service.

A contested hearing is one you attend with the purpose of getting the conviction overturned.

Requesting permission to take a driver safety course is exactly what it sounds like.

For most minor violations, traffic courts in Texas may allow you to dismiss your ticket by completing a defensive driving course.

These decisions are made on a case by case basis, depending on the nature of your violation and your previous driving history. The court’s considerations include things like:

  • If you have dismissed a ticket with a driver safety course before and, if so, when?
  • Was your ticket written for excessive speed over the posted limit? (Generally 25+ MPH over)
  • Was your ticket written in a school or work zone?
  • Do you hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)?

If the answer to these questions is no, you’re generally good to go.

If the court does grant permission, you will be given information as to how the process works, including:

  • The type of course you will need to take
  • The date by which that course must be completed
  • If you will need to provide any other documentation
  • If there are additional fees you may owe

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just like playing “Mother May I” when you were a kid, DO NOT start a defensive driving course before receiving permission. You’ll wind up paying for a second one and starting all over. Also, while most courts will accept an online course, you’ll want to make very sure your court will.

Taking Your Texas Defensive Driving Course

All driver safety courses follow the same basic curriculum. Your course will touch on topics such as:

  • Texas traffic law
  • Safe driving techniques
  • How to avoid an accident
  • How to handle an emergency
  • How to share the road safely with others

At the end of the course, you will be required to pass a test over the presented material to be awarded a completion certificate. This certificate of completion can then be submitted to your court, keeping the conviction and associated points off of your driving record.

Texas drivers who complete defensive driving may be eligible for one of the following benefits:

  • Traffic ticket dismissal
  • Fulfillment of a court order
  • The possibility of lower insurance premiums

You can find defensive driving courses taught both live in classrooms and online.  Online is often the more convenient option because it can be worked on wherever and whenever the student has the time.

Most courts in Texas will dismiss tickets with defensive driving if you meet their qualifications.  Each court is individual in its requirements, but generally, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must hold a valid Texas driver’s license
  • You must not have more than one current violation
  • Your citation must not have been received while driving a commercial vehicle

If you meet these requirements, you may be eligible for ticket dismissal. In some cases, depending on the severity of your violation and previous driving history, you may be required to take defensive driving as a part of your sentencing.

In either case, you will receive procedural instructions from your court about which course you must take, the date the course must be completed, and any additional fines, fees, or documents you may need to submit.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on individual circumstances, some drivers may not be approved for ticket dismissal with a driver safety class, but it never hurts to ask!

If Your Court Says Yes

Texas TDLR-Approved Defensive Driving

Texas defensive driving can be completed online or in a classroom. The most important point here is that the course must be approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

For most busy folks, an online defensive driving course makes the most sense. Taking your course this way allows you to complete it all at once or a piece at a time, whenever you have the time. Online defensive driving is fast becoming the first choice for many Texas drivers. Start your search with some of Texas’s top online providers.

Best TDLR-Approved Defensive Driving Schools

Website Name TDLR # School Phone Defensive Driving CP280 C2861 800-581-3997 I Drive Safely, LLC CP225 C1635 800-723-1955 A Sense of Humor Defensive Driving CP814 C2067 866-631-0414 Aceable Defensive Driving CP262 C2876 512-865-6549 Defensive Driving from CP548 C2548 877-877-2525 Defensive Driving By Improv Comedy Club CP342 C2663 800-660-8908 Traffic 101 CP750 C2185 800-373-7313 Get Defensive CP021 C2084 800-851-3007 USA Driver Safety Course CP246 C2424 800-449-0581 American Driver Improvement CP490 C1828 888-522-2226 The DTA Program for Driver Improvement CP090 C1995 800-558-9887 Driving University CP712 C2458 877-937-4846 Safety-Ed™ Texas Driving Safety Course CP947 C1947 800-980-2175 American Safety Council – Texas Driving School CP520 C2386 877-463-2477 USA Driver Safety Course CP246 C2786 877-883-7290 247 Texas Driver Safety CP156 C2526 888-718-3927 iDefensiveDriving CP270 C2817 800-446-1840 The Safe Driver Centre Course CP341 C0341 877-664-4808 Funny Bone Driving CP036 C0465 888-331-2113 Funny Texas Defensive Driving CP343 C3017 888-662-6352 Texas Defensive Driving School CP411 C0600 866-942-1937 Finish Fast Defensive Driving CP023 C0857 888-947-6669 Comedy Defensive Driving CP333 C1965 866-540-0584 Drive Defensively in Texas CP206 C0206 888-428-8296 1 Safe Driver CP221 C2756 888-750-6400 Self-Study Defensive Driving CP997 C2899 800-463-3142 USA Driver Safety Course CP246 C2036 800-930-8329 Fast Easy Defensive Driving CP023 C2107 888-947-6669 Aware Driver CP995 C2422 877-299-4511 National Driver Training CP302 C2693 800-942-2050 A Driving Safety Course by Safe2Drive CP577 C2229 800-763-1297 ExpressLane Defensive Driving CP550 C2744 800-646-2633 Traffic School Online CP058 C2182 866-766-7009 3D Defensive Driving CP360 C1566 888-822-3340 1 Driving CP935 C2565 877-776-3389 Online Defensive Driving CP529 C1760 866-528-3927 Ticket Stop CP600 C1600 800-485-4503 Payless Easy Fast Defensive Driving CP309 C3048 800-937-5351 A Safer Driver CP728 C0728 972-907-9886 DFW Driving Safety CP023 C0023 888-947-6669 Drive Like This Presents Texas Defensive Driving CP853 C2620 855-326-8990 Complete Today Defensive Driving CP343 C3015 877-424-6050 Rush Defensive Driving CP343 C1760 855-374-9894 Comedy Driving Inc. CP319 C1742 866-357-2020 Lonestar Driver Safety CP246 C3011 469-844-1683 Cheap-Easy-Fast-Defensive Driving Online CP309 C2664 800-554-4912 Defensive Driver CP284 C1284 888-545-5422 Wireless Defensive Driving CP997 C2755 972-295-9005


A Final Word

Ticket dismissal is not the only reason to take defensive driving. Find out how taking a course can keep you safer and put money in your pocket.

What’s Good about Driver Safety Classes?

More Questions? We Have More Answers!

If this is your first time taking a Texas defensive driving course, or it’s been a minute since your last one, here is some more useful information just in case.

How much is a defensive driving course in Texas?

Every TDLR approved defensive driving course in Texas must, by law, cost a minimum of $25 dollars. Everything above that price is just bells and whistles.

On the other hand, some of those bells and whistles can make your defensive driving experience much more enjoyable.

How long is a Texas defensive driving course?

Ask any defensive driving course provider in the state that question and they will all answer “Ours!” and they’d all be telling the truth.

To obtain TDLR approval, all Texas defensive driving courses must adhere to a state-mandated length of six hours. Don’t fall for the “Shortest Course in Texas” sales pitch. If the course is shorter than six hours, it’s not state-approved and won’t make your ticket go away.

How long do you have to take defensive driving in Texas?

If you want to take defensive driving for ticket dismissal, you’ll need to receive permission from the court to do so. Once that permission is granted, you’ll have 90 days to complete the course and return your certificate to the court.

How many times can I take defensive driving in Texas?

You can take defensive driving as many times as you like, but you’d probably like to limit yourself to taking it only when it can help you. In Texas, drivers can complete a defensive driving course—

  • Once every 12 months for ticket dismissal
  • Once every 36 months for insurance discount

Does Texas defensive driving have a final exam?

Texas law allows for two methods of course assessment to certify course completion.

  • Passing a comprehensive final exam with a score of 70% or above
  • Passing individual end of unit quizzes with that same 70% score 

Each course provider will have information about their testing method on their sales page. Be sure to make this part of your decision-making process before enrolling for a course.

How long do points stay on my Texas driving record?

Points assessed from a citation remain on your record for three years