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by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: October 5, 2023

Looking for a way to make that little surprise you just got from that nice policeman go away? Well looky here! TicketSchool’s Texas Defensive Driving Course is the perfect way to make that ticket disappear. Why choose TicketSchool?

Person at laptop taking ticket school's Texas Defensive Driving Course

TicketSchool—Trusted Leaders in Defensive Driving

TicketSchool brings a wealth of experience in defensive driving to the table. Our parent company, Driver Training Associates, has been in the industry for decades, continuously updating our courses and staying ahead of the game. With TicketSchool, you can trust that you’ll receive top-notch driving education that will boost your confidence on the roads.

A Modern, User-Friendly Experience

Welcome to the future of driving education with TicketSchool’s fully online Texas defensive driving course. Accessible from any device with an internet connection, be it a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, learning has never been easier. Worried about compatibility? Rest assured – our course runs seamlessly on various operating systems like Microsoft, Apple, and Android. Enjoy the flexibility of learning from anywhere, anytime.

Learn Without Boundaries—Anytime, Anywhere

Life can get busy, but that shouldn’t stop you from improving your driving skills. With TicketSchool’s Texas defensive driving course, you get the freedom to learn at your own pace. No need to be tied to a specific device or location – once you’re registered, access the course from any device with internet access. Start on your home PC and continue on your tablet at your favorite café – it’s that simple!

Watch and Learn—Fun Video Content

Say goodbye to boring, text-heavy courses! TicketSchool believes learning should be fun and engaging. Our course is filled with interactive videos, animations, and colorful graphics that bring the material to life. Embrace a dynamic approach that makes learning enjoyable and easy to understand.

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Take Your Time

We understand life can be hectic, but learning to drive shouldn’t add to the stress. Log in and out at your convenience, and we’ll save your progress automatically. With a generous 180-day access window, you have the flexibility to complete the course without any pressure.

Pass with Confidence

Worried about acing the final exam? Fear not – TicketSchool is here to support you. Once you’ve completed all the units and quizzes, you’ll face a 10-question multiple-choice final exam. The best part? You have unlimited attempts with fresh questions each time. Score 70% or higher, and you’re on your way to fast ticket dismissal.

Cleaner Record, Happier Wallet

Don’t let those pesky tickets tarnish your driving record! Ticket dismissal is a strategic move to keep your record clean and avoid potential rate hikes. By completing TicketSchool’s Texas defensive driving course, you equip yourself to keep your record sparkling clean, avoiding long-term financial repercussions. But that’s not all – many auto insurance companies offer discounts to those who complete a state-approved defensive driving course. You could potentially save up to 10% on insurance rates for three years! Don’t miss this opportunity to secure both a cleaner driving record and savings on insurance. Enroll now with TicketSchool’s Texas defensive driving course and get ready to unlock a smarter driving future!

Still Reading?

If you’ve got a ticket you need to get gone, TicketSchool has got you covered. They’ve got years of experience, a convenient and user-friendly course, and, at $25 bucks, the lowest price available by law! What else could you ask for? Get started today!


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Person at laptop taking ticket school's Texas Defensive Driving Course

Convenient Online Defensive Driving: Click and Dismiss Texas Tickets!

To dismiss a Texas traffic ticket with a TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) approved driver safety course, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: Confirm that you are eligible to take a driver safety course to dismiss your Texas traffic ticket.
  2. Request Permission: Obtain court permission to take a TDLR-approved driver safety course for ticket dismissal.
  3. Pay the Required Fees: Fulfill any fees associated with the driver safety course and submission of the completion certificate to the court.
  4. Choose a TDLR-Approved Course: Select a driver safety course from the list of TDLR-approved providers.
  5. Enroll and Complete the Course: Enroll in the chosen driver safety course and successfully complete all required coursework, which usually takes about 6 hours.
  6. Obtain the Completion Certificate: After course completion, receive a certificate from the approved provider that includes your name, the provider’s name, and the course completion date.
  7. Submit the Completion Certificate: Within the specified time frame, submit the completion certificate to the court as required (usually within 90 days of receiving permission).
  8. Await Dismissal and Confirm: Wait for the court to process your request and receive confirmation of the ticket dismissal and the absence of points on your driving record.
  9. Contact Your Insurance Company: Your completion certificate can reduce your auto insurance premiums for the next three years. Don’t miss out on the savings!

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