Your Guide to Buying a Car

by Jim Thompson | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

In the market for a new car? That’s great news! We’re sure you’re excited… and a bit overwhelmed. Where do you start? With so many makes, models, and car types out there, it’s hard to know exactly which car is the best fit for you, and when you do finally find the right car, how do you know where to shop to get the best deals?

Fear not. Because we know there’s such a wealth of information out there, we’ve put together a handy guide to car shopping resources we hope will make your search for the perfect car much easier. Click on any of the links below to get fast, reliable access to all the information you’ll need to make the most informed purchase. Happy shopping!

Making Kelley Blue Book Work for You

Discover how to use the Kelley Blue Book to find a fair market value on new and used cars you’re interested in purchasing. This will allow you to head into negotiations armed with a baseline price to get the best deal from a new or used car seller!

Resale Value of Your Used Car

Need to sell your car before purchasing another? Thinking about trading it in for credit toward a new car? Or perhaps you’re just considering how to make a smart car purchase now knowing that you know you may need to sell the car later? This article has all the details!

Building an Effective Car Budget

This article teaches you how to effectively prepare a budget for a new car considering ALL the costs. There may be costs you’re not yet aware of, so check it out!

Avoid Shaking Knees in the Showroom

Anxious about heading to the dealership showroom? The best way to combat showroom nerves is to know what you can expect when you’re being shown around the floor. This article can help prepare you to have an ideal shopping experience!

Tips for Test Driving

Not sure what to look for when test driving a car? We’ll help you consider all aspects of a prospective car before you commit.

Vehicle History Report Explained

This article will help you understand how and why purchasing and understanding a vehicle history report can help protect you against fraud and ensure you’re getting a fair deal on a fully-functional new car.

Tips for Getting a Great Deal on Your Next Vehicle

Want to get the best deal you can on your next car purchase? Look no further: this article can help save you money!

Researching New Cars

Your new car decision needs to be driven by more than color and price. Check this article for other factors that should be considered as you narrow down your choices.

Buying Car Insurance

You’re not through after you’ve purchased a new car. You’ll also need to purchase car insurance. We can help!

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Car Type for You

There are so many cars out there to choose from. How do you know which car is right for you and your family? This article will put you in the know about what car types may be worth your consideration for your needs!

Buying Used?

Don’t Get Blindsided by Hidden Costs

Make Sure You’ve Thought of Everything

Is it a Better Deal for You or the Dealer?

What if Somebody GAVE You One?